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Where the passion for travel comes from

Paisley's Wanderlust

Growing up in a small town with her impoverished family, Paisley never thought she would leave the state, let alone the country. Working the night shift at Wendy's after her day full of high school and college courses, her main goal was to sustain and feed her younger brother and drug addicted mother. The idea of leaving that town was never even a thought. Nothing else seemed to exist beyond those realms. That town was life. It was all she knew...

It wasn't until she had the opportunity to go to Poland on a Jewish program-led journey that her eyes were opened to something much bigger. Touring the heart-wrenching Holocaust concentration camps was a surreal experience that crossed the barriers of time. Being able to stand on the ground of such a monumental part of history was such an energy that could never be explained, only felt. And this is when she realized that travel has more power than a text book

Paisley Greer (Owner)

Her first international trip was checked off the list, but now their was a thirst within her to see and do more. After a heart-heavy first trip, she went to places like China, New Zealand, Peru, France, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, Guatemala, Israel, Vietnam and more. Every region of the world was beautiful and unique in its own way. The beauty of the diverse lands stole her heart. The taste of the different cuisines were unspoken words about the regions culture. The different forms of entertainment showed how people come together through art. The incredible architecture of the towns were a snapshot of history. But, her favorite part of all was immersing herself into the authentic everyday life of the people in each place.

"As an American, we are often times stuck in this mindset of what we think the world is like, how people should act, and what people should do. We are hypnotized by the media to believe false ideas of how other places/people are. But it isn't until you leave that you realize how beautiful the souls are in each place. And it is then that you begin to love everyone who is not like you." 

Coming from an impoverished background, people always questioned how she was able to travel to so many places without a lot of money. The answer - if you are truly passionate about something you will do anything to make it happen. She was constantly solving the puzzle to determine the best ways to see a new place for as low cost as possible. She figured out the art of finding cheap flights, low cost places to stay, which destinations are/are not worth the money, free excursions, and more. Her family, who had never traveled, also began questioning her methods. Not only were her trips cheap, but they were full of so many adventures that people would pay big bucks for. 

She ended up sharing her passions by creating her first low-cost travel itinerary for her family of seven - a trip to their dream destination of Italy! Not only was the cost of a week-long trip to Italy less than $900, the trip would consist of exploring the regions of Milan, Florence, Chianti, Rome and the Amalfi Coast. It also consisted of incredible unique excursions like visiting a family vineyard in Chianti, street food tours, tea parties on the rooftop, and more.

"Watching the looks on their faces when we stood on the cliffs, looking over the Amalfi Coast line was one I will never forget. All I know is that everyone on this planet deserves to be awe-struck like that. No matter how much money they have."

Paisley continues to use her passion and expertise for travel to send people on trips around the world, no matter their situation. And she hopes that you will learn to love the world and the people in it as much as she does.

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